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Introducing Wyld Bikes. Tread Lightly.

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Tread Lightly

Introducing Wyld Bikes.

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Introducing Wyld Bikes. Tread Lightly.

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Introducing Wyld Bikes. Tread Lightly.

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The Wyld Bikes Story

Wyld Bikes tell a special story with each and every frame creating significant impact on people and the planet.  Because we believe that we all have a role to play to ensure the best of tomorrows.

Bamboo Bikes

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Wyld Bamboo Facts

One of the strongest and most sustainable natural resources in the world. Did you know Bamboo is actually a tree like grass, fast growing and requires no chemicals and very little water to grow unlike trees, making it eco friendly.  

In fact, compared to an equivalent tree mass, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen and research has shown that bamboo can absorb as much as 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year - making it one of the most powerful resources of carbon sequestration.

The Wyld Bikes Values


As we build our Wyld Bikes
community we do so with respect for the rights, differences & dignity of others.


Is at the core of our business, each time a Wyld Bike is purchased we are one step closer to creating freedom for those who have not been born into this basic human right.


We exist to create independence to the community in which we work, free of all dependencies and disadvantages


We take responsibility for our actions & decisions every time.


We have a responsibility to
take care of those that cannot for themselves, we are the stewards of global citizenship for those who we work with.

  • Finish

    All of our Wyld Bikes are of course finished with a sustainable vegetable epoxy - perfect for any weather.

  • Components

    We only use the highest quality of components to ensure that you have the best of Wyld rides.  You can choose from 9, 10 or 11 speed to suit you lifestyle and allow you to do What You Love Doing in style and comfort.

  • Saddles and Grips

    All of our saddles and grips are handmade and hand stitched, made from ethically sourced leather, for extra comfort and style.